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Take a look into our backstage

Our target

Our mission is custom production, the vision is to make it smart. If we want to be modest, we say that we produce packaging material. However, the truth is that we can breathe life into everything that can be transferred to paper. We create together with our clients and we are really good at it!

We have an overview of all current trends in materials, technical solutions and market news. Top quality is a matter of course for us and as sensitive as for you, we are also on our planet.

“Top quality is a matter of course for us”

We are family

We have been writing the story since 1993, when the first ideas began to be born in our company. It was not far from the idea to the deeds and now we are a strong partner in the market with many famous brands. Currently, SALE is steering the second generation. Times change and we keep up with innovative thinking, flexibility and attention to detail.

Every family has its own traditions and customs. Some play sports, some play chess. Our family does business and takes care of it with the same love and care as taking care of each other.

“We keep up with innovative thinking, flexibility and attention to detail”

We are family

As time passed .....


Ing. Miroslav Kozubek establish the company SALE

We are setting up the first small office with a showroom, so far we operate as a classic wholesaler and we are looking forward to what awaits us. We are starting!
We are purchasing the first assistant for the delivery of goods - a Ford Transit van.

The first Ford Transit van


E-mail is just the language of the future

But we go with the times and buy the first mobile phone.
We start with custom production of shopping bags, which is slowly but surely becoming our main activity. One of our first orders goes to Kaufland.

Beginning of custom packaging production



We are participating in the POLYGRAPH ADVERTISING exhibition in Prague, which helps us on our journey with a new stream of Czech customers.
The number of orders is growing at our dream rate, we are changing the company to SALE s.r.o.

Transition to s.r.o.


Start of production in China

A completely new era of SALE begins. Custom production is expanding significantly and is slowly bursting at the seams. Thanks to our employees in China, we ensure the smooth running of our business and tune our production processes.
We are aware of the importance of building long-term and healthy relationships. That is why we are creating a new logo that perfectly illustrates our philosophy in connected letters.

New logo of SALE s.r.o.


Roman Kozubek takes over the management of the company

The management of the company is taken over by the second generation under the leadership of Roman Kozubek. We are starting to expand into foreign markets and are successfully becoming a global player.
Our creativity is running at full speed, we also have an overview of available materials and we are able to come up with and implement any wishes of our customers.

Beginning of custom production of promotional items and tailor made gifts


Martin Kozubek strengthens the company

After studying in Australia and graduating from the Faculty of Design and Art, joins the company MgA. Martin Kozubek. We expand our services and we are able to cover the entire production process from design to delivery in the shortest possible time.
We are not slowing down and we are creating a new division focusing on the custom production of advertising holograms and security stickers.

We are expanding our portfolio


Start of production in India

This market is not easy, but we manage to successfully start the first production and continue it to this day by maintaining perfect quality. We are gradually expanding the range of products.
We participate in the exhibition at PSI in Düsseldorf. With our exposition of environmentally friendly products, we reap great success and many new, satisfied customers. We become an active member of PSI with our own number 49617.

we become a member of PSI



We become a licensed partner of FAIRTRADE and proudly have our own FLO ID: 36150. Soon, thanks to the ever-increasing volume of production of certified cotton products, we become an official member of FAIRTRADE for the entire EU.
We carefully design the building and details so that reflects not only our creativity, but also so that we work well here. We use a wide range of natural materials and we try to make the building as environmentally friendly as our products.

We are building a new office!


We are moving!

We can work at a table, on a terrace or in the garden, and we are glad that we can do the work we love so much in such a pleasant environment. You are all welcome with us at any time! We have great coffee and even better ideas for your business.
fairtrade & ecology

We are heartfelt

We can get excited about things and finish them. We are not afraid to kick out new ideas, but we can also listen. We are looking for ways and our goal is the common ones. Courage, creativity and responsibility circulate in our veins.

Responsibility to you and to nature. We use ecological materials in various variants and we are a certified producer of Fairtrade cotton. In our cooperating factories in India and China, we have our people as well as in the Czech ones.

“We can get excited about things and finish them.”

We are partners

In production we control the speed of a Japanese train and in negotiations we are patient. It doesn't end with an order with us, but it starts. We can design the real nut and we go into production only after the approval of the sample. Distribution, fanfares and confetti at the end are just the icing on the cake.

No one is too small or big for us. We have solutions for sole traders and multinational companies. Our clients include trading companies, international chains, advertising agencies and other projects that want to be different from the competition.

“It doesn't end with an order with us, but it starts… ”

... enough about us. And what's your story?

Roman Kozubek

owner of the company